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Hello and thanks for stopping by. Please take this opportunity to purchase my new book, Corvallis Reflections. It's a compilation of my best work during several years as a general interest columnist for the Corvallis Gazette-Times. Although the book is centered in Corvallis, Oregon, I like to think its stories and its message are universal. I hope you agree.

My first book, A Chukar Hunter's Companion, is available elsewhere on this website. First published in 2003, it remains the very best and most complete book about chukar hunting ever published. Seriously.

Corvallis Reflections is, at its heart, a celebration of a community and its people. But Wray's reflective lens looks forward also, and into the deepest realms of human nature. His ever-present good humor masks a willingness to explore, satirize and when necessary confront, people, organizations and ideas he considers inimical to the best interests of his beloved Corvallis, Oregon.

In the finest tradition of American newspaper columnists, no subject is too small or too large to attract Wray's interest. He is as engaged in a call to clean up a county road as he is in promoting Oregon's Death with Dignity Act, as keen on a local boy making a splash on national television as he is in excoriating the Vice President of the United States.

Wray's politics are suspect and uncertain. By his own admission he used to know a lot more than he does now. His perspective, while unique, is invariably entertaining and his focus tack sharp. Corvallis Reflections will make you smile and think and appreciate your life, family and community a little bit more than ever before.

Click here to purchase Corvallis Reflections online.

You may also order it by sending $20.00 plus $5 shipping and handling to Outdoor Insights, P.O. Box 513, Corvallis, OR 97339-0513.

Pat Wray

A Chukar Hunter's Companion lives up to its name. It's a companion you can count on for accurate information and fun. It's a friend who'll help get you ready for a successful hunting trip, then go along to help you enjoy it.

At its core, Companion is a how-to book. It explores the entire process, from physical conditioning through the gear you'll need, and then the hunt itself. The hunt section is a comprehensive look at the entire process, from deciding on a location to caring for your birds. Companion also includes an exceptional section on dogs, including a chapter on hunting without dogs, a state-by-state hunting summary and a fine chapter of chukar recipes.

Companion is much more than a simple how-to book. Pat Wray is a storyteller of the first order and his essays are alternately hilarious, heartwarming, thought provoking and deeply troubling. Readers will find themselves learning a great deal about chukar hunting and much, much more. Wray's stories, essays and his uniquely humorous perspective on chukar hunting and life (which are not much different in his mind) raise A Chukar Hunter's Companion far above the normal hunting book fare.

Pat Wray has the heart of a hunter, the gift of a writer and an unerring sense of story. His ever-present humor sparkles throughout the text. This is not just a hunter's book; it is a reader's pleasure.

Click here to purchase A Chukar Hunter's Companion online.

You may also order it by sending $21.95 plus $5 shipping and handling to Outdoor Insights, P.O. Box 513, Corvallis, OR 97339-0513.

Pat Wray

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