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The wound caused by a single piece of steel, moving at a high rate of speed, is obvious. But the true extent of the damage is never visible. Beneath the surface, Jared McCauley, a once strong, proud man, is cracked and weakened, his self-confidence shaken. Years later his weakness leads to a jealous rage, during which he makes a mistake that costs a young boy his life. The boy's family is connected to a New York city mob, and their acts of revenge cause an escalation of violence that stretches across the country, widening to include Jared's family, friends and acquaintances. In order to survive, McCauley must find a way to return to his former highly capable self, but does he really want to survive? Most of his friends want to save him, but one has a different idea entirely.

Gift of the Grenadier presents a fully developed cast of seemingly unconnected characters moving in different directions, pushed by forces unleashed by a long-ago grenade blast toward the same powerful, uncertain climax.

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